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Annual Servicing for Gas Heating

The governement has advised that we all have annual servicing on our gas heating and cooking appliances. Annual servicing is very important for several reasons:-
  • Annual servicing will ensure that the gas equipment is running at its optimum efficiency reducing the footprint each of us leave on the environment.
  • During the course of the service seals on the flu and boiler will be checked to ensure there are no leaks and no broken seals. Obviously leaks through broken seals would be dangerous and deterimental to our health.
  • An annual service will also include a check on the gas pipe from the meter to the boiler/appliance again ensuring there are no leaks.
  • These checks will ensure there is no carbon monoxide emmisions which are both dangerous and detremantal to health.

With all these crucial points it is very wise to follow the governements recommendations and KD Gas Heating encourages you to do this, our way of encouraging you to do this is that if you return to us on an annual basis for yor servicing requirements will hold the price from year to year, no sudden shocks and jumps in prices.













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