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LandLord Certificates for Gas Heating & Cooking Appliances

The Gas Safety Regulations place a duty on landlords and their managing agents to ensure that all gas installation pipework, gas appliances and flue systems owned by them are maintained in a safe condition. This duty was placed on the landlords and their agents to protect the tenants from suffering due to faulty and poorly maintained gas appliances.

In order to comply with these regulations, landlords/managing agents need to ensure that installation pipework, appliances and where applicable flues are checked for safety at intervals of not more than 12 months.

In addition to keeping written records of these checks for two years, landlords/managing agents are also required to provide a copy of the record to the tenant within 28 days of the check taking place. Also if the tenant is a new tenant then the landlord/managing agent is to ensure a copy of the last current Landlord's Gas Safety Record is provided to them before the tenant takes up occupancy.

The Gas Safe Landlord/Home Owner Gas Safety record form meets the requirements of GSIUR and provides a white copy for the landlord/managing agent, green copy for the tenant and a yellow copy for the registered business. All the records are numbered so that they can easliy be traced and filed.

Employ KD Gas Heating to perform your annual service and safety inspection and the certificates are included in the cost there are no hidden extras.

Why hesitate? Call KD Gas Heating NOW or complete our contact us form and get your appointment made, the sooner you make it the sooner you will have your certificate and fullfill all the requirements.














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